Feather of Hope

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Feather of Hope is what can make you feel loved, beautiful, strong or needed on a day you just can’t find it in yourself, it’s what can give you the bust to fight a bully, to run farther in your routine, to hold your loved one’s hand whoever they are, to smile at the mirror.

What Feather of Hope can do for you
Feather of Hope is a place where people can find information and news but also support, help and motivation. As such Feather of Hope tries to educate young people and to create a safe and approachble environment in which young people can discuss sensitive or controversial topics freely and in a respectful manner.

The initiative concerns itself with four main topics:
  •  Rise Against Bullies: This is our anti-bullying campaign. As an online initiative, we pay  attention to cyber-bullying in particular. Join us in our campaign by taking the pledge, *here*.
  • Stand up for Equality: We have a permanent awareness campaign called "Stand Up for Equality", which advocates equality for the LGBTI-community. Visit the page *here*, to find general information or statements from celebrity supporters that offer hope and advice, featured on the website.
  • Mental Health Matters: Mental illnesses still carry a heavy stigma and wrongly so. Feather of Hope actively contributes to breaking down this taboo. Find more information, *here*.
  • Respect Human Dignity: There are many, many more topics in the world which deserve attention and about which people should be informed. On our page on Human Dignity we discuss some of them, based on which ever topic seems to become an item at the relevant time. Examples of topics which we discuss are Gender Equality, Access to medicines, Domestic Violence and Migration and Asylum. Read more about them *here*.

Next to these four main topics, you can find links to other interesting websites, read inspirational stories from young people, get involved, and from time to time we organize a fundraising auction. Also do not forget to follow us on Twitter, to participate in our weekly discussion sessions!

Feather Of Hope inspires to follow you in your life once you've turned your computer off, it's the best version of yourself you can be even when things get difficult, looking around yourself to find goodness and reaching for it.


Inspiration to start this social media initiative initially derived from the actress Lana Parrilla. Lana is a person who knows her visibility as a celebrity can be useful to sensitize people about important matters and causes, like battling bullying and homo-transphobia. And she acts on it, standing up to talk about it whenever she has the chance. Noticing the positive reactions and the need amongst those who follow her on social media to discuss these topics, Feather of Hope has been created with the precise intent to reach out to people ready to be educated about such issues, ready to be inspired.

The name Feather of Hope has also been inspired by Lana Parrilla. Lana used to send a picture of a feather on social media to those who were having a bad time at that moment, as a sign of hope and encouragement.

Welcome to Feather of Hope!


The Feather Of Hope team consists of three young women who are all working their hardest to keep Feather of Hope up and running, and inspire you every day.

Annie is a music teacher, originally from Stockholm, Sweden but currently resides in Vancouver, Canada. She actively works against bullying, especially in her profession as a teacher and became a teacher to inspire young people to believe in themselves. She has studied at the Royal College of Music and has a Degree of Master of Arts in Education. In her free time, she likes to play and make music, draw and travel to discover new exciting places.

Dieuw is from The Netherlands and she is currently studying for her Master's degree in International and European Law at the Maastricht University, after studying at the University of Amsterdam for four years. She believes everyone should be given the chance to be themselves, and to feel free in doing so. She loves to draw and, as she is a serious culture-junky, she loves to go to the theatre, visit museums and travel to see new places.

Lusiana is Italian, she is in her last year as Physics student at University Of Salento and dreams to build a career in Environmental and Medical Physics. In her free time she enjoys putting her headphones on while working on vectorial graphic (she has, among many things, designed the logo for Feather Of Hope), writing and reading. She believes that since she is free to live her love life, everyone should be, not matter their orientations.


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