Feather of Hope

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have questions about this project? We've included some of our most commonly questions below to provide easy-access to some of the answers. However, if you don´t see the question to your answer below, feel free to contact us via twitter: ERFeatherOfHope, our email: erfeatherofhope@yahoo.com.

I want to send in a story where can I send it to?

Send it to: erfeaterofhope@yahoo.com

What are the requirements for a story to be published?

Your story can be about anything, as long as you think it can be of use to others to inspire and give hope. You can send it to us and we will read through it and we will discuss if it can be used!

I am not really good at writing in English, can I still send something in?

Don't worry. You can still send something in, we will read your story and will fix the essential things that are necessary for a good understanding of your story. We will make minor changes, only those who are absolutely necessary.

Can I join the team?

For now the existing team is capable of covering all the work. If this changes we will place an announcement for a vacancy on the website.

Is this website connected to the Evil Regal Family website?

We began as a sister site to the Evil Regal Family, however, Feather Of Hope has evolved into an independent organization on its own, with a team of its own. 

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